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1. Do pool tables come in one piece?


No, most pool tables are composed of 3 pieces of slate and several components and are built from the ground up when they are installed. Some tables, often termed Uni-Body, have a base frame that does not come apart. Smaller tables can sometimes have slate that is one single piece. In those situations, it is important to check the access.


2. What is considered a regulation size for a pool table?


Technically, "regulation" refers to the play field from cushion nose to cushion nose and is any table where the length is twice the width. For example, a regulation 8' pool table has a play field of 44" x 88". The most common regulation sized tables are 7' (38" x 76", Bar size), 8' (44" x 88", Home), and 9' (50" x 100", Tournament). However, any size table can be used in any situation, provided the space is adequate.


3. Are these slate pool tables?


Yes. Every pool table we sell is a slate pool table. Usually, it is 3 piece 1" framed slate.

4. What are the differences between the types of pool table cloth?


Standard felt is tournament legal by weight, but also has a nap to it and is susceptible to pilling over time. It is a 75/25 wool/nylon blend. Brunswick Centennial cloth is a 100% Merino wool weave and is embedded with a Teflon stain resistance. It will not pill or shed and typically lasts 2-3 times longer than standard felt. Simonis offers several worsted cloths that will not pill or shed, however they do not have the Teflon embedding.

5. What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table?


Pocket billiard games are played on tables with pockets, whereas carom billiards games are played on tables that have no pockets. Pool refers to a set of pocket billiard games played with one cue ball and 15 object balls on a table with six straight-edged pockets and knife-edged rails.


6. Do you have pool tables that convert to other games?


Yes. There is a ping pong conversion top comprised of 2 pieces that form a 5' x 9' regulation size table. It has foam protection along the bottom so as not to damage the pool table. 


There is also a hard foam insert to convert your table to a dining table and some models even have a finished wood dining top option.

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